Host a pre-release, red carpet event on 
Wednesday, October 18!
Pure Flix offers homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, food banks, meals on wheels programs, churches, ministries, businesses, schools, and more, the opportunity to partner with us by hosting a Premiere Red Carpet Event in their local area with a theater buy-out(s).

The center of this incredible opportunity is a Premiere Red Carpet Event that presents your ministry as the star of the evening.  You have the unique opportunity to host an exclusive, pre-release movie event, complete with all the resources and promotional items you will need to make your evening a success.

With a minimum of 500 tickets, you will be able to show the movie two days before its release date within your community, and you will be given a package that includes the following items:

- Printed Promotional Items (printed donation envelopes, posters, and bookmarks)
- Digital Promotional Items (web banners, memes, and email invite templates)

- Optional add-on items (photo booth back-drop and stanchions*)

From beginning to end, our team is ready to serve your red-carpet event!

*Fees apply for the photo-booth back-drop.
**Red Carpet events must be booked directly with Pure Flix. Please do not contact local theatres.

Exclusive Red Carpet Events* must be booked directly with Pure Flix (Please do not contact local theatres). If you have questions about theatre preferences, please contact the Pure Flix team at mail to:

*Show film before it opens to the public—exclusive to your particular theatre on Oct. 18.


Watch the trailer!

Watch the trailer!

 SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME is based on the inspiring true story of international art dealer Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear), who befriends a homeless man (Djimon Hounsou) in hopes of saving his struggling marriage to Debbie (Renée Zellweger), a woman whose dreams will lead all three of them on the most remarkable journey of their lives. Jon Voight plays Hall's father, with whom he reconciles thanks to the revelations of his new life. Based on the New York Times bestseller.

Red Carpet Local Premieres: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Release date: 
Friday, October 20, 2017

Same Kind of Different as Me book;
by Denver Moore; Ron Hall; Lynn Vincent

Ron Hall, Mary Parent, Darren Moorman,
Cale Boyter, Stephen D. Johnston

PureFlix & Paramount Pictures




"I deeply admire what Debbie, Ron, and Denver have been able to achieve on behalf of people in need. Their determination to make a difference has inspired people around the world to recognize in themselves an ability to implement invaluable changes through seemingly small kindnesses. I’m honored to share in telling Debbie’s story and to be part of this beautiful effort to perpetuate the legacy of her work."
—Renée Zellweger 

"It’s a rare opportunity for an actor to be blessed with a role so soulful. To embody Denver’s spirit was at once an emotional challenge and an extreme privilege, learning the story of a man who came from so little and gave so much. The givers truly are the gate-openers for the world. I hope that we all can find the best parts of Denver’s life and continue that work to benefit humanity."
— Djimon Hounsou 

"Homelessness is epidemic and anyone who fights the battle to help correct the problem deserves our respect and appreciation. Denver Moore and Ron Hall did more than most to try to shine a light on this plight and, in doing so, revealed that perhaps the most powerful tool in battling homelessness is to simply engage the people around us whose circumstances have left them with less. Working with an excellent cast and crew to help tell the story of Ron’s challenging personal journey was a creative joy."
—Greg Kinnear